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[PHRA-EN] Virtual World

Time for the other Chinese theme, courtesy of MST.TV.

PHRA-EN010 “Virtual World Mai-Hime – Lulu” (Ultra Rare)
PHRA-EN011 “Virtual World Roshi – Laolao”
PHRA-EN012 “Virtual World Xiezhi – Jiji”
PHRA-EN013 “Virtual World Kirin – Lili”
PHRA-EN036 “Virtual World Kyubi – Shenshen” (Secret Rare)
PHRA-EN042 “Virtual World Shell – Jaja”
PHRA-EN043 “Virtual World Phoenix – Fanfan” (Ultra Rare)
PHRA-EN055 “Virtual World City – Kauwloon”
PHRA-EN056 “Virtual World Gate – Qinglong”
PHRA-EN072 “Virtual World Gate – Chuche”

While not shown in MST’s video, foreign-language YouTubers (Yubel Yuki for French, Julioh for German, ILG Card Gaming for Italian, and RCKiro for Spanish) have confirmed 2 of the 3 pre-PHRA promotional cards of the theme as getting imported: the Xyz and the Main Deck monster. Based on the pattern, their names should very likely be:

PHRA-EN98 “Virtual World Dragon – Longlong”
PHRA-EN99 “Virtual World Hime – Nyannyan”

No word on the Synchro, nor the OCG Structures manga promo. As always, cards without a noted rarity could be Commons or Super Rares.


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