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[Duel Links] D.D. Tower Wind & Earth Dimension

The next challenge of the D.D. Tower has arrived, and it’s a battle up the tower crossing two Dimensions.

The key goal of this tower is to climb it and obtain “Windrose the Elemental Lord”, with a chance to obtain a second copy on the 40th Floor.

Changes from last time:

  • The Tower has added Floors 31 to 40.
  • Before Dueling a Tower Monster now, you can view cards recommended to help fulfill the event’s Duel Missions.
  • Legendary Duelist Rainbow Packs have been split into DM and GX version.
  • This Tower has WATER Dimension Packs, replacing the FIRE Dimension Packs.
  • Resetting the D.D. Box when there are 9 or less items increase the chances of the cards you get being Foil versions.

  • Duel against the monsters protecting each floor.
  • Defeat all monsters on a Floor to obtain the Floor Completion Reward and move onto the next floor.
  • Damage to your LP carries over between Duels, but can be replenished over time but using LP Potions.

By Dueling and completing missions you can gain D.D. Orbs that can be used to gain rewards from the D.D. Box, a limited Gacha lottery reward that resets after being empty.

By Dueling through the tower, there’s a chance you’ll face the “D.D. Invader”, a dangerous monster with powerful Decks outside the themes of the current Tower challenge.

Key to the Event are LP Potions that restore your LP to 4000.

D.D. Box is the limited lottery where you can obtain event exclusive cards, as well as LP Potions and Gold.

The Goal is to aim for the top of the D.D. Tower, however, be aware the last 10 floors have a dangerous twist, that the enemies are armed with “D.D. Miasma”, a skill that deals damage every turn.

The goal of the last 10 floors is to reach the top and obtain “Windrose the Elemental Lord”.

The secondary bonus goal for the event is to clear all the missions to gain a “Karateman” themed Duel Icon.

Key cards for this event include:

  • Windrose the Elemental Lord
  • Kunoichi
  • Madolche Chouxvalier
  • Watcher of Mist Valley
  • Roc from the Valley of Haze
  • Des Voltsgalph
  • Madolche Chickolates

The D.D. Box:

  • Des Volstgalph (SR)
  • Kunoichi (SR)
  • Invigoration (R)
  • Gust Fan (R)
  • Watcher of Mist Valley (R)
  • Madolche Chouxvalier (R)
  • Roc from the Valley of Haze (R)
  • Madolche Cruffssant (N)
  • Madolche Chickolates (N)
  • Legendary Duelist Rainbow Pack (DM)
  • Legendary Duelist Rainbow Pack (GX)
  • Water Dimension Pack
  • 4 Different LP Potions
  • 4 Sets of 10000 Gold


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