[Duel Links] Upcoming Events for November

KC Cup and new Duel Events are announced.

New information for the KC Cup. Its First Stage will be the 9th to 20th, while its Second Stage is the 17th to 20th.

Early November:

  • A new event character for GX World appears, but their statement is a bit vague to discern who they are. (The Japanese version of this seems to be, according to Japanese fans, dialogue fitting for Johan Anderson/Jesse Andersen).
  • Pegasus and the Paradox Brothers being retired, so to speak, as event characters, and will be joining to the Gate.

November 9th is the start of the KC Cup.

Mid November a new character appears in Duel World, and it sounds like they’re almost certainly Espa Roba.

Finally, late November is the return of D.D. Tower, and this time around it’s the Water Attribute. (And the event is being retooled it sounds, based on feedback on the Fire Dimenson event).

More KC Cup Info

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