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[Duel Links] Rex Raptor’s Dino Mayhem

Rex Raptor’s on a rampage as “Roaring Rex Raptor” with an event that combines Roaming Duelists and Duel-a-thons.

Basically the premise is to beat Rex repeatedly to fill up your Duel Meter, but be forewarned, he has a stronger Deck than usual. But it does lend a chance to get cards like “Jurassic World”. With “Jurassic World” previously only usable through Rex’s Skill, “Dinosaur Kingdom”

Drop Cards:
Destroyersaurus (Super Rare)
Black Ptera (Super Rare)
Jurassic World (Super Rare)
Big Evolution Pill (Super Rare)
Hunting Instinct (Super Rare)
Dark Driceratops (Rare)
Two-Headed King Rex (Rare)
Crawling Dragon #2 (Rare)
Spacetime Transcendence (Rare)
Survival Instinct (Rare)

1st Gauge: 500 Gold
2nd Gauge: Uraby
3rd Gauge: 20 Gems
4th Gauge: 1000 Gold
5th Gauge: 50 Gems

150 Points: 50 Gems
400 Points: 5000 Gold
800 Points: Dark Driceratops
1300 Points: 10000 Gold
1900 Points: 100 Gems
2500 Points: 15000 Gold
3100 Points: Jurassic World
3700 Points: 100 Gems

Thanks to our friends at Beyond the Duel for some of the info.


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