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[Duel Links] Mokuba and his Decks

V Jump’s revealed Mokuba is the next event character for Duel Links!

Mokuba will be showing up in Duel Links next, following the appearance of the Paradox/Meikyuu Brothers. The exacts or extent of his event hasn’t been revealed.

Mokuba’s Deck LV10

3 Krokodilus
3 Anthrosaurus
3 Niwatori
3 Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie
3 Darkworld Thorns
3 Man-eating Plant
2 Gift of the Mystical Elf

Mokuba’s Deck LV20

1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
1 Tatsunootoshigo
1 Rude Kaiser
3 Divine Dragon – Ragnarok
3 Takriminos
3 Yaranzo
3 Three-Legged Zombies

2 Silent Doom

2 Cloning
1 Backup Soldier

Mokuba’s Deck LV30

1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
3 Hungry Burger
1 Battle Steer
3 Mystic Tomato
1 Bio Plant
1 Griggle

2 Pre-Preparation of Rites
1 Preparation of Rites
1 Fulfillment of the Contract
1 Poison of the Old Man
2 Hamburger Recipe
2 Ritual Weapon

1 Jar of Avarice

Mokuba’s Deck LV40

1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
2 Luster Dragon #2
2 Alexandrite Dragon
3 Luster Dragon
2 Mystical Elf
2 Lord of D.
2 Kaibaman

2 The Flute of Summoning Dragon

1 Negate Attack
2 Birthright
1 Gift of the Mystical Elf

Source: V Jump


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