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[Duel Links] Duelist Road Clash at Crash Town

Our favourite western returns with main star Kallen.

The Clash at Crash Town event has returned to duel links. Play roulette and duel to move squares and obtain prizes such as rarity stones, gems and coins.

After 7:00 am GMT+2(1:00 am EST) you can unlock Kallen Kessler (non dark signer) and the new Skill Shell of a Ghost.

Shell of a Ghost is a very powerful skill that while your control an Infernity monster and have zero cards in your hand it lets your take an Infernity Launcher from your deck and put it on top of your deck than put a copy from outside your deck and put it on the bottom of your deck.

Card Lottery List:
Infernity Doom Dragon
Luna the Dark Spirit
Infernity Destroyer
Infernity Reflector
Fabled Ashenveil
Archfiend’s Call
A Cat of Ill Omens
Hidden Soldiers
Dark Energy
Skull Knight
Remove Trap
Ancient Brain
Tainted Wisdom
Dark Chimera
Revival of the Dokurorider

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