[Duel Links] Duelist Kingdom Event

Essentially the event is trying to cross a giant game board. Hilarity ensures.

The idea of this event is to Duel in Duel World and the Rank Battles to collect pieces of Die (as in Dice, the things you roll). Collect them, assemble dice. Try to use the Dice to cross the maps of Duelist Kingdom.  Gather Millennium Coins. And win prizes.

Various Items That Can Be Obtained From The Event:

Kuriboh (Super Rare)
Toon Barrel Dragon (Super Rare)
Horn of the Unicorn (Super Rare)
Union Attack (Super Rare)
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp (Super Rare)
Multiple (Rare)
Detonate (Rare)
Swordstalker (Rare)
Infinite Dismissal (Rare)

Jigen Bakudan (Rare)
Battle Steer (Common)
Saggi the Dark Clown (Common)
Celtic Guardian (Common)
Hercules Beetle (Common)
Mammoth Graveyard (Common)
25 Gems
15 Gems
10 Gems
5 Gems

1500 Gold
1000 Gold
500 Gold
300 Gold
150 Gold
30 Gate Keys
10 Gate Keys
5 Gate Keys
10 White Gate Keys
5 White Gate Keys

10 Black Gate Keys
5 Black Gate Keys
10 Blue Gate Keys
5 Blue Gate Keys
10 Red Gate Keys
5 Red Gate Keys
10 Yellow Gate Keys
5 Yellow Gate Keys
10 Green Gate Keys
5 Green Gate Keys

The Flow Of Rewards:

First Time Through:
Forest Area: 10 Gems
Ocean Area: Swordstalker
Labyrinth Area: 20 Gems
Pegasus Castle Area: 10 Rare Jewels
Final Duel Area: Yugi Muto

Second Time Through:
Forest Area: 30 Gems
Ocean Area: 1 Super Rare Jewel
Labyrinth Area: Multiply
Pegasus Castle Area: 5 Duel Orbs
Final Duel Area: Kuriboh

Third Time Through:
Forest Area: 20 Rare Jewels
Ocean Area: 40 Gems
Labyrinth Area: 1 Super Rare Jewel
Pegasus Castle: 10000 Gold
Final Duel Area: Union Attack

Fourth Time Through:
Forest Area: 30 Rare Jewels
Ocean Area: Detonate
Labyrinth Area: 1 Super Rare Jewel
Pegasus Castle: 10000 Gold
Final Duel Area: Toon Barrel Dragon

Fifth Time Through:
Forest Area: 50 Gems
Ocean Area: 5 Duel Orbs
Labyrinth Area: 1 Ultra Rare Jewel
Pegasus Castle: 15000 Gold
Final Duel Area: 30 Rare Jewels

Sixth Time Through Onwards:
Final Duel Area: 3000 Gold

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