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[Duel Links] Divine Trial

A mini-event has been added to the Battle City Showdown event, allowing you to acquire a new skill for Yami Yugi.

Use 10 of the Divine Offerings earned from Duels in the Battle City Showdown. This will summon a Level 50 Variant of Yami Yugi who uses a Battle City based Deck that allows him to use the Egyptian Gods.

He’ll hand out various prizes from a new Skill to Gems to Millennium Coins.

The Special Skill you win is “Card of Sanctity”

At the end of a turn you’ve summoned Slifer the Sky Dragon, you can have both players draw until they have 6 cards in hand.

Round 2 gets you 50 Gems

Round 3 gets you 10000 Gold

Round 4 gets you 50 Gems

Round 5 gets you a UR Jewel

Round 6 and beyond gets you 150 Millennium Coins


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