[Duel Links] Crowler at the Gate

Crowler’s finally joined the Gate as an unlockable Legend Duelist.

(Thanks to Maxie for the picture)

Unlock Missions:

  • Summon “Elemental HERO Flame Wingman” in a Duel while playing as Jaden Yuki, while Dueling Crowler Level 30.
  • Inflict 2000 or more effect damage with a single effect in a Duel against Crowler Level 30, while using Jaden Yuki.
  • Achieve 1 Comback Victory against Crowler Level 30, while using Jaden Yuki
  • Use Level 7 or higher Monster Cards 3 times in 1 Duel World (GX) Duel.
  • Achieve 3 win(s) using only Machine-Type Monster Cards in Duel World (GX) Duels.

Unique Drops:

  • Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem (UR)
  • Ancient Gear Golem (UR)
  • Emes the Infinity (SR)
  • Ancient Gear Engineer (SR)
  • Ancient Gear Knight (SR)
  • Biofalcon (SR)
  • Ancient Gear Castle (SR)
  • Ancient Gear Workshop (SR)
  • Ancient Gear Beast (R)
  • Ancient Gear Soldier (R)
  • Ancient Gear Factory (R)
  • Ancient Gear Drill (R)
  • Ancient Gear Cannon (N)
  • Statue of the Wicked (R)
  • Break! Draw! (R)
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