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[Duel Links] Cards To Be Removed From Card Trader

A bunch of stuff that’s been around for quite a while will be removed December 7th, 2017.

  • Twin-Barrel Dragon (UR)
  • Guardian Angel Joan (UR)
  • Swarm of Locusts (UR)
  • Gravity Behemoth (SR)
  • Cestus of Dalga (SR)

  • Spiritualism (SR)
  • Polymerization (SR)
  • Dragon’s Gunfire (SR)
  • Lifeforce Harmonizer
  • Scroll of Bewitchment (R)
  • Molten Beast (R)
  • Freezing Beast (R)
  • Blackland Fire Dragon (R)
  • Amazoness Spellcaster (R)
  • Two-Pronged Attack (N)

  • Disc Fighter (N)
  • Energy-Absorbing Monolith (N)


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