[DRL3] Early Leaks

From a fellow over at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Reddit, railz0


Raidraptor – Blade Burner Falcon (Ultra Rare)

Special Schedule (Ultra Rare)
Tyrant Burst Dragon (Ultra Rare)
Zushin the Sleeping Giant (Ultra Rare)


Night Express Knight (Ultra Rare)
Cardian Synchro (Name Unknown) (Secret Rare)
Flower Cardian Willow (Ultra Rare)
Flower Cardian ??? (Name Unknown) (Ultra Rare)
Number 78: Number Archive (Ultra Rare)
Number 59: Crooked Cook (Ultra Rare)
The Grand Jupiter (Secret Rare)
Raidraptor – Naplam Dragonius (Ultra Rare)
Performapal Uni (Ultra Rare)
Number 51: Finisher the Strong Arm (Secret Rare)
Legend of Heart (Secret Rare)
Doom Virus Dragon (Ultra Rare)
The Fang of Critias (Ultra Rare)
Tyrant Wing (Ultra Rare)
Scrum Force (Ultra Rare)
The Tripper Mercury (Secret Rare)


Snow Plow Hustle Rustle (Ultra Rare)
Number 100: Numeron Dragon (Secret Rare)
Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon (Secret Rare)


Wiretap (Ultra Rare)
The Blazing Mars (Secret Rare)

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