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[Duel Links] Syrus’ Road to Duel Links

Syrus wants to join Duel Links for real. But he can only do so if he escapes his pursuer: Gladiator Beast Andal.

Syrus is on the run from Andal, and needs your help to help escape his tormentor and become a real member of Duel Links.

Fill up your Duel Meter to obtain various rewards.

The goal of the event is to unlock Syrus and his special skill “Training Wheels”.

The event is a standard Duel-a-Thon including the Friend Points system. Hit goals to unlock cutscenes, and ultimately unlock Syrus.

Syrus is himself the first goal, with Skills to add “Vehicroid Connection Zone” from outside the game to your hand, and another that allows you to add a “roid” monster from the Deck to your hand.

The other goal is “Training Wheels”, a Skill that allows you to banish a Jetroid or Pair Cycroid that’s attacked until your next turn.

Goals for the Event are Drillroid, Steamroid, Submarineroid and Inverse Universe.

Ranked Duels, Legendary Duelists and the Vagabond provide more points than Standard Duelists.

The Goals for the event are:

500 Points: 50 Gems

1200 Points: 5000 Gold

2100 Points: Drillroid

3200 Points: Gyroid

4400 Points: Syrus Truesdale

5600 Points: Steamroid

6800 Points: Truckroid

8000 Points: 100 Gems

9200 Points: Training Wheels (Skill)

Syrus’ Event Drops:

  • Expressroid (UR)
  • Submarineroid (SR)
  • Inverse Universe (SR)
  • Ambulance Rescueroid (SR)
  • Pair Cycroid (SR)
  • Steamroid (SR)
  • Drillroid (SR)
  • Steam Gyroid (R)
  • Ambulanceroid (R)
  • Supercharge (R)
  • Carrieroid (R)
  • Patroid (N)


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