[Duel Links] Elegant Mai Returns (May 2018)

Elegant Mai returns, with multiple cards designed to boost Amazoness Decks.

Elegant Mai is a variant of the typical wandering super charged Duelist events, similar to the Tea, Bonz and Roba events.

Duel to make her appear.

Play and Beat her multiple times to get get free copies of prize cards.

The key event cards are Amazoness Princess and Spy-C-Spy. Other suggested cards are Amazoness Archers, Swift Birdman Joe, Queen’s Pawn and Amazoness Shamanism.

Use Amazoness Princess to Special Summon Amazoness Queen, who makes your Amazoness invincible in battle.

  • Amazoness Princess (UR)
  • Swift Birdman Joe (SR)
  • Queen’s Pawn (SR)
  • Amazoness Archers (SR)
  • Spy-C-Spy (SR)
  • Amazoness Shamanism (R)
  • Harpie Lady #2 (R)
  • Harpie Lady #2 (R)
  • Amazoness Blowpiper (N)
  • Tactical Espionage Expert (N)


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