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[COTD] Full Set List

The full list of Code of the Duelist and not card of the day is out!

The cards we haven’t seen yet are:

012 Hack Worm
013 Jack Wyvern
015 Haoh Kenryuu Odd-Eyes / Supreme King Servant Dragon Odd-Eyes
016 Predator Plant Banksia Ogre / Predaplant Banksia Ogre
032 Treasure Pander
033 Zombiena
036 Kaminari Senjin / The Immortal Hermit of Thunder
037 Parry Knight
041 Haoh Kenryuu Dark Rebellion / Supreme King Servant Dragon Dark Rebellion
055 Aircrack Storm
056 Smile Universe
062 Rudra no Madousho / Spellbook of Rudra
063 Donjuu / Heaviness
066 Defense Zone
069 Pulse Bomb
070 Haoh no Gekirin / Supreme King’s Wrath
073 Twilight Cloth
078 Recall
079 Musabetsu Houkai / Blind Ruination
080 Transmission Gear


Number III, Eva is a master in the art of Blurography and a firm believer in not sleeping just to translate moonrunes for a card game.