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Cliff Notes from 4Gamer Interview with Master Duel Senior Producer Kataoka Ken’ichi

If you dream of Best of 3, let that dream die for now.

• Master Duel officially went into production during Spring 2019, so Master Duel was in production for roughly 2 and a half years.
• Considerations for producing something along the lines of Master Duel began immediately after the launch of Duel Links.
• Duel Links was designed to be easy to play on mobile platforms, meant to increase the number of Yu-Gi-Oh! fans and card game players.
• Master Duel was designed as a game to let Duelists take things to the next level
• Master Duel was also conceived of as being a game that would be enjoyable for both competitors and spectators
• One of the hardest things for developing the game was ensuring cross play and how the game would work on consoles and smart devices.
• Solo Mode was a later addition, as the game was originally intended solely for Hardcore Duelists. But they found PVP alone made the game a bit too hardcore.
• Since Master Duel is intentionally international, the game will have its own Forbidden & Limited List separate from the Official Card Game and Trading Card Game.
• The game will be designed to have tournaments that will make you want to make use of as much of the card pool as possible, and not strictly stick to one metagame Deck.
• Master Duel is intended, at the very least, to be an event at the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship
• Master Duel will be sticking to Best of 1, there’s nothing indicating Best of 3 at this time.
• Yes, the game is intended as an E-Sport.



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