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Creative Deck Profile: Valiant Zombie World of Ghost Fusion, ft. DIFO and PP2022 Support

Doomking’s horde has returned from the Zombie World!


Strategic Summary:

Welcome back for an all-new profile featuring the new Zombie World support from Dimension Force, plus the Ghost Fusion (YGOrg Translation) Engine for fun shenanigans. Zombie World is a field spell that turns all monsters on the field and in the GY into Zombies, and it has been supported by multiple waves of structure decks. Doomking Balerdroch led the charge for the Structure Deck R, giving the Zomies a recurring leader, giving you monster removal and/or effect negation in response to Zombie effect activations. And as has been the case for many moons now, Zombies have some of the most powerful generic support options in the form of Mezuki, to summon other Zombies back from the Graveyard, Gozuki and Uni-Zombie, to get your Zombies from the deck into the GY, and Plaguespreader Zombie, a tuner that can revive itself. The new support takes these bedrock elements and elevates them, giving the Zombie World strategy a new fleet of Synchro monsters. Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Lord (YGOrg Translation) can recover a Zombie from the GY during the opponent’s turn and Immortal Dragon (YGOrg Translation) offers yet another way to get Zombies from the Deck into the GY. They also received a new tuner in the form of Crazy Clown (YGOrg Translation), which also can Special Summon itself from the GY.

Between all these new options, there is one thing that stands out – the Zombies are somehow becoming even better at grinding out the duel and coming back turn after turn. Al Ghoul Mazera (YGOrg Translation) will Special Summon itself back to your board when banished from the hand or GY, an effect that is similar to Changshi the Spiritualist (YGOrg Translation) who can also Special Summon itself when banished. Zombie Reborn (YGOrg Translation) can banish a monster from your Deck or Extra Deck to Special Summon a Zombie with the same name from your GY, and all of this just means that the GY has become even more of an essential tool. So let me touch on the cool tech card that ties all these Zombies directly to the GY – that’s Jewels of the Valiant. This Continuous Spell works well with Zombies since they come in different attributes – Gozkui and Mezuki are Earth, a whole bunch of Zombies are DARK, and a lot have a way to banish themselves (and only themselves) from the GY. This synergy gives your deck a new dimension, outside of the comeback ability of Ghost Fusion when you’re behind on LP. Don’t miss out on the new Zombie World support – they’re creeping their way back into hearts and souls!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 24
| Eldlich the Golden Lord
| Al Ghoul Mazera
|| Doomking Balerdroch
| Jack-o-Bolan
|| Changshi the Spiritualist
| Necroworld Banshee
||| Gozuki
||| Mezuki
|| Hellfire Dragon, Ghost Wyvern
||| Uni-Zombie
| Hellfire Sleeping Beauty, Ghost Sleeper
| Crazy Clown
| Plaguespreader Zombie
|| Glow-Up Bloom

Spells: 15
|| Zombie Reborn
|| Ghost Fusion
| Zombie Necronize
| Foolish Burial
||| Super Polymerization
||| Jewels of the Valiant
||| Zombie World

Traps: 4
||| Haunted Zombie
| Return of the Zombies

| Eldlich the Mad Golden Lord
|| Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon
| Starving Venom Fusion Dragon
| Psychic End Punisher
| Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Lord
| Corpse Dragon Lord Felgrand
| Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon
| Immortal Dragon
| Yuki-Onna, the Icicle Mayakashi
|| Vampire Sucker
| Avendread Savior
| Crystron Halqifibrax
| Linkuriboh


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