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Creative Deck Profile: Shrouded Springans Albaz, ft. SDAZ and DIFO Support

Venture back to the Great Sand Sea.


Strategic Summary:

Hi everyone – today marks my return to the Springans archetype, so be sure to check out my first take on the archetype here.

For those of you who forgot about this theme, the Springans are a group of FIRE Machines that can attach themselves from the Hand, Field or GY to Xyz monsters as additional Xyz material. As for the Xyz monsters, each of them offers the ability to banish themselves until the End Phase of the opponent’s turn, triggering various effects to slow down the opponent while they’re banished. The core to this theme is Great Sand Sea – Gold Golgonda, which is the theme’s Field Spell and can discard any Springans card to cheat a Springans Xyz monster out of the Extra deck. The primary option you’ll be summoning most often is Springans Merrymaker, a Rank 4 Xyz that sends a Springans monster from the Deck to the GY on summon. The other unique Springans card is Springans Brothers, which Special Summons another Springans when discarded or sent from the Deck to the GY, and Springans Branga, which can banish itself and another Springans monster from the GY to tutor a Springans card! However, all this Springans power only goes so far, so let’s introduce the second half of the deck centered on Albaz.

In the recent Structure Deck for the OCG, the Albaz strategy received a slew of new support to benefit the Branded Fusion (YGOrg Translation) monsters. Fallen of Albaz remains the core monster, offering the ability to Fuse with monster(s) your opponent controls when summoned, but the new Structure Deck brought Springans Kitt (YGOrg Translation) and Tri-Brigade Mercourier (YGOrg Translation) into play. Kitt can be Special Summoned from the hand anytime you have an Albaz Fusion on field or in the GY, plus it tutors a Branded Spell/Trap on summon, before returning any other card from the hand to the deck. On the other hand, Mercourier can be discarded to negate a monster effect while you control an Albaz Fusion. Combine these with Paradise Branded (YGOrg Translation) and Branded in High Spirits, and you have yourselves searchable options that greatly expand the traditional Springans play patterns. Before long, you might even notice that you have an endless supply of cards in hand for future discards, as Branded in High Spirits, Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous, and your Albaz Fusions will start giving you more cards in hand during the End Phase – especially when your board has disruptions like Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon (YGOrg Translation) fueling your continued rise. Explode onto the scene with the Springans!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 23
| Albion the Shrouded Dragon
| Springans Captain Sargas
||| Springans Branga
| Supreme Sovereign Serpent of Golgonda
|| Springans Rockey
||| Fallen of Albaz
|| Springans Kitt
||| Incredible Ecclesia, the Virtuous
|| Tri-Brigade Mercourier
||| Springans Brothers
| Springans Pedor
| Tri-Brigade Kitt

Spells: 16
||| Springans Watch
| Branded Fusion
| Branded Bond
| Upstart Goblin
| Terraforming
| Foolish Burial
| Branded in High Spirits
||| Springans Booty
| Paradise Branded
||| Great Sand Sea – Gold Golgonda

Traps: 6
| Branded Blade
| Springans Call!
|| Springans Interluder
|| Branded Condemnation

| Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon
| Lubellion the Searing Dragon
| Abyssal Dragon Alba Renatus
|| Sprind the Irondash Dragon
| Brigrand the Glory Dragon
|| Albion the Branded Dragon
| Pair Cycroid
|| Springans Ship – Exblowrer
|| Springans Merrymaker
| Proxy F Magician
| Ancient Warriors Oath – Double Dragon Lords


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