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Creative Deck Profile: Arikkavalon – Sunavalon; Rikka; Aromage Unite!

Ingrain yourself with three intertwined archetypes!


Strategic Summary:

The plants blossom as one in this united Plant-type link strategy, designed to make the most of the new Sunavalon archetype making its debut soon to the TCG in the upcoming Ghosts from the Past set. Individually, each of these themes can fall flat, but with the help of the other archetypes, they can grow strong together. The Sunavalon theme revolves around cycling its Normal Sunseed Genius Loci (YGOrg Translation), ending on Link monsters that heal back any damage you take, such as Sunavalon Dryanome (YGOrg Translation). Speaking of damage, the Aroma monsters offer advantage when your life points are higher than the opponent, or in the case of Aromaseraphy Jasmine, give you card advantage as well in the form of Plant tutoring. And lastly, the Rikka archetype uses its inherent consistency to give you plenty of plants to weed from the garden as tribute for your higher link summons. This capitalizes on both the search power of Rikka Glamour and summoning capabilities of cards like Primula the Rikka Fairy. In this combination, there are so many Level 1 monsters and Where Arf Thou? has insane synergy with the Sunavalon monsters, so you can use that to ensure you have the combo piece you need for your opening display. Throw the bouquet with this flowery theme!

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 23
|| Sunseed Genius Loci
| Snowdrop the Rikka Fairy
| Erica the Rikka Fairy
| Mudan the Rikka Fairy
| World Carrotweight Champion
|| Primula the Rikka Fairy
||| Draconnet
||| Lonefire Blossom
| Sunseed Twin
|| Aromage Laurel
||| Sunseed Shadow
| Aromaseraphy Angelica
|| Rikka Petal

Spells: 16
||| Unexpected Dai
| One for One
||| Where Arf Thou?
|| Pot of Avarice
|| Rikka Glamour
| Monster Reborn
| World Legacy Succession
||| Sunvine Shrine

Traps: 2
| Rikka Sheet
| Sunavalon Bloom

| Teardrop the Rikka Queen
| Rikka Queen Strenna
| Benghalances of the Samsaric Cycle
| Sunavalon Dryatrentiay
| Sunavalon Melias
| Sunavalon Dryanome
|| Aromaseraphy Jasmine
|| Sunavalon Dryades
| Sunvine Thrasher
| Sunvine Healer
||| Sunavalon Dryas


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