[OCG] The Great Duelist Card Protector Card Illustration Vote

Konami is holding a poll currently in the Official Card Database (for people with Konami IDs) to vote for almost any card currently released in the Official Card Game (and on the database).

The 2 cards with the most votes will be turned into official card sleeves.

The run time for the event is:

September 8th (5PM) to September 22nd 2017 (5PM) JST.

The results will be revealed on the official Yu-Gi-Oh! Twitter and Yu-Gi-Oh!.jp at around 5PM JST on September 25th, 2017.

■ Some cards cannot be selected
■ The ‘standard’ illuistration for cards with Alternative Arts will be the one used.
■ You can change your vote whenever you want but the card chosen when the event ends becomes your choice.
■ Contents of the Vote and Product can change without notice, please understand.

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