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[DP19] Reprints Confirmed

Along with Magazine Pictures of the new cards.

The Pack Cover is Pegasus himself, along with his new Millennium-Eyes Restrict

Release Date is November 11th, 2017

Millennium-Eyes Restrict (Ultra Rare)

Millennium-Eyes Illusionist (Rare)

Relinquished Fusion (Super Rare)

Thousand-Eyes Restrict (Rare)

Perfectly Mutated Insect Queen (Super Rare)

Parasite Paranoid (Rare)

Cocoon of Super Evolution (Rare)

DP19-JP012 Insect Queen (Common)

Desperado Barrel Dragon (Super Rare)

BM-4 Bomb Spider (Rare)

Gun Barrel Shot / Proton Blast (Common)

Barrel Dragon (Common)

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