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Various Merchandise Revealed in the November 2020 Issue of V Jump

So you want to drink the tears of your opponent? You finally can. In style.

Pot of Greed Mug Cup & Pot of Avarice Tea Pot

Pre-Orders will be available late September 2020
Release Date: Deliveries begin February 2021
Price: 5390 Yen

Marshmallon Cushion

Pre-Orders Begin On September 2020 on Premium Bandai
Orders will begin being deliveried in January 2021
Price: 18700 Yen

CHARA-MASK (Character Mask) (Set of 2 Different Masks)

Ordering starts September 2020 via Premium Bandai
Deliveries will be sent out starting January 2021
Price: 1650 Yen

Anime “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Series 7-Eleven Exclusive Original Bromide

Release Date: September 19th 2020
21 Different Bromides
Price: 200 Yen

Original Bromides based on the protagonists of the various series.

Note: 7-Eleven is basically a world wide convenience store brand, and is especially well known in Japan.

Source: V Jump


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