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[Rush Duel] Shocking Lightning Attack

But will someone play a Thunder Deck?

驚愕のライトニングアタック!! Shocking Lightning Attack!!

The next pack to power up your “Rush Duel” Decks has been announced: “Deck Modification Pack: Shocking Lightning Storm”, and it goes on sale July 11th 2020. This pack contains cards used by the Duelists in the TV Show, “Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVEnS”. And, also cards you know and love from the “Offiial Card Game” will appear as cards to use in “Rush Duels” with brand new illustrations.

And on the same date, sleeves featuring “Dark Magician” will go on sale.

For further information about “Rush Duel” goods, please check out V Jump and Saikyo Jump.

“Deck Modification Pack: Shocking Lightning Attack!!”
● Maker/KONAMI
● Release Date/July 11th 2020
● Contents/ 5 Cards per Pack, 150 Yen per Pack
15 Packs per Box

“Duelist Card Protectors: Dark Magician”
● Maker/KONAMI
● Release Date/July 11th 2020
● Contents/ 70 Sleeves for 450 Yen

驚愕 means Astonishing, Startling, Shocking, et al. I went with Shocking to make a funny joke/pun.



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