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[ARC-V] Episode 56 Summary

Episode 56: セキュリティ完全包囲網!!Sekuriti Kanzen Houimou (The Perfect Security Encirclement!!)
17th May 2015
The Synchro Dimension. On the one hand, Yuzu is dragged into a Riding Duel with Hugo. Whereas on the other side Yuya and the others are completely surrounded by Security officers.

Yuya and co. crossed the dimensions and landed in the Synchro Dimension. However, Yuya realizes that only Sawatari, Serena and Reira are around him. While searching for their lost friends, they are suddenly seen by Security. Sawatari and Serena start their duels against the Security forces. Yuya attempts to fight his way through the overwhelming enemies, however the Security duelists are stronger than expected…

Cast List:
Sakaki Yuya
Sawatari Shingo
Sakaki Youko
Jean Michel-Rogers
Assorted Extras
Crow Hogan

Source: MasterGhost


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