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[Arc-V] Episode 35 Previews

From the official Japanese TV Website…

As a note, due to the finals for Japan’s Judo tournaments being held next weekend, there will be no Arc-V, instead the next episode is December 14th, 2014.

Episode 35
アカデミアとレジスタンス Akademia to Rejisutansu (The Academia and the Resistance)
Sora lost to Kurosaki Shun and is undergoing treatment in the medical ward. However, he escapes from the medical ward, and clashes in a duel with Yuto! Yuya, learning that Sora has gone missing, finds Sora and meets the two dueling. Even though Yuya attempts to stop the duel, the two insist on continuing. The true situation between the Fusion world and the Xyz world would be made clear through this duel…!!

Next Episode Preview
Yuya: Sora escaped from the medical ward! Even though he was injured in the duel against Kurosaki…
Yuzu: He’s not answering my calls either!
Gongenzaka: Anyway, let’s split up and find him!
Sora: I shall settle my scores with Kurosaki Shun! Had I fought with my true powers I would be much stronger than he was! Let me prove it to you!
Next episode in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V! The Academia and the Resistance! The fun has just begun!

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