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[Arc-V] Episode 27 Summary

開幕!!舞網チャンピオンシップ Kaimaku! ! Maiami Chanpionshippu (The Miami Championship Begins!!)
October 12th, 2014
The Miami Championship finally kicks off, with You Show Duel School being represented by Yuya, Yuzu, Sora, Tatsuya, Futoshi and Ayu in their respective ranks. A number of formidable foes await them, with an unexpected face among them…

The Miami Championship finally kicks off. While the Duelists competing prepare themselves, Yuya remembers the words of his father, Yusho. The opening ceremony begins, with LDS’ Masumi, Hokuto and Yaiba entering the venue, then representatives from each Duel School appearing one after another. However, a mysterious man appears, sparking an uproar surrounding Yuya…

Voiced Characters
Yuya Sakaki
Yuzu Hiragi
Noboru Gongenzaka
Sora Shiun’in
Shuzo Hiragi
Yusho Sakaki
Yuko Sakaki
Mieru Hochuun
Nico Smiley
Reiji Akaba
Shun Kurosaki
Masumi Koutsu

Source: Based on Manaphy’s work at Neo Ark Cradle


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