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[Arc-V] Episode 26 Summary

新たな地平 超重荒神スサノーO Aratana Chihei: Choujyuu Koujin Susano-Oo (A New Horizon: Superheavy Koujin – Susano-O)
October 5th, 2014
Yuya faces off against his best friend Gongenzaka in his last official match. Despite being cornered by Gongenzaka’s Steadfast Dueling and Synchro Summons, Yuya counters with his Pendulum Summons. And then the match reaches it’s conclusion.

Yuya and his best friend Gongenzaka face off to decide who will qualify for the Junior Youth Championship. While Yuya finds himself torn between being a good friend and becoming a pro, Gongenzaka shows off his “All New Steadfast Dueling” with his Synchro Summons. In order to challenge Gongenzaka with all his power, Yuya starts a new battle counting on the future of Pendulum Summoning that he has seen. And as expected…

Voiced Characters
Yuya Sakaki
Yuzu Hiragi
Noboru Gongenzaka
Sora Shiun’in
Shuzo Hiragi
Yuko Sakaki
Nico Smiley
Reiji Akaba
Gongenzaka’s Father

Source: Manaphy on Neo Ark Cradle


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