[OCG] Burst of Destiny First Reveal: Ritual Borreload!

Let’s lock and load, Ritual Style!

The Pack Cover (Not Revealed Here at this Time)

Varrel Load Riot Dragon (Borreload Riot Dragon)
Level 8 DARK Dragon Ritual Effect Monster
ATK 3000
DEF 2500
You can Ritual Summon this card with “Heavy Trigger”.
You can only use this card name’s (1) and (2) effects once per turn each.
(1) When your opponent would Special Summon a monster(s) (Quick Effect): You can negate the Summon, and if you do, destroy the monster(s), then destroy this card or 1 “Rokket” monster you control.
(2) If this card is in your GY: You can target 1 “Borrel” or “Rokket” monster in your GY; destroy 1 card you control or in your hand, and if you do, add that target to your hand.

Dualwiel Dragon
Level 8 DARK Dragon Effect Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 1500
You can only use this card name’s (1) and (2) effects once per turn each.
(1) You can Tribute this card, then target 2 “Rokket” monsters with different names in your GY; Special Summon them in Defense Position.
(2) You can banish this card from your GY; add 1 “Rapid Trigger” or 1 “Heavy Trigger” from your Deck or GY to your hand.

Heavy Trigger
Ritual Spell Card
This card is used to Ritual Summon “Borreload Riot Dragon”.
(1) Tribute monsters (and/or destroy “Rokket” monsters) from your hand and/or field whose total Levels equal 8 or more, and after that, Ritual Summon 1 “Borreload Riot Dragon” from your hand, and if you do, that Summoned monster cannot be destroyed by battle with, and is unaffected by monster effects activated by, monsters Special Summoned from the Extra Deck.


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