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[Duel Links] Duel-A-Thon (April 9th)

A new Duel-a-Thon, as of April 9th, has begun.

A New Duel-a-Thon has begun, focused on a Trap Card from the Zexal Era. But the premise of the Duel-a-Thon has been modified with Friend Points, and every time you fill up the Duel Meter, there’s a chance at Bonus Points. Basically you’ll be able to more rapidly accumulate points.

As per usual, you’ll have a chance of point multiplier matches.

The premise of the event is a Trap Card, Intrigue Shield, that prevents battle destruction once per turn, and prevents battle damage from that battle.

Prizes are Gold, Gems and the Intrigue Shield itself, among other things.


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