The YGOrg Event Duelists

Vincent Salvatore Bellafiore
College student who majors in marketing and minors in digital media, T-Mobile associate, aspiring artist, and lifelong gamer. Started playing the TCG during Magic Ruler format, and is currently involved in the competitive scene and the judging program. Vince has been a staff member at YGOrganization for a while now and has joined the competitive team. He is a circuit series Champion, and is perhaps best known for his excellence at judging events at all levels.
  • ARG Richmond 2016: 1st place / ABC
  • ARG Hartford 2017: Top 16 / Kaiju ABC
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Ryan Levine
Ryan Levine first began dueling in 2006, but did not delve into the competitive side of the game until late 2014, with the release of Duelist Alliance. Since then he has aquired 15 YCS and ARG tops and most notably finished 3rd at YCS Dallas 2015, then became the ARG Atlantic City 2015 champion on the following weekend, piloting Psy-Frame Yosenju. His favorite decks include Nekroz, Psy-Frames, and Noble Knights.
  • ARG Richmond 2015: Top 16 / Djinn Nekroz
  • ARG 25k 2015: Top 16 / ARG Format Nekroz
  • YCS Toronto 2015: Top 16 / Nekroz
  • YCS Dallas 2015:3rd Place / Norden Nekroz
  • ARG Atlantic City 2015: 1st Place / Psy-Frame Yosenju
  • ARG Charlotte 2016: Top 16 / Extra Deck Monarch
  • YCS Columbus 2016:Top 32 / Extra Deck Monarch
  • YCS Toronto 2016: 3rd Place / Extra Deck Monarch
  • ARG Charlotte Winter 2016: Top 8 / Metalfoe
  • ARG Richmond Winter 2016: Top 16 / Metalfoe
  • YCS Sydney 2017: Top 32 / Metalfoe
  • ARG Richmond 2017: Top 16 / Draco Zoo
  • YCS Toronto 2017:Top 16
  • YCS Dallas 2017:3rd Place
  • YCS San Diego 2017:Top 32
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Nick Reardon
Nicky Reardon began dueling in 2010. He topped his first premiere event in YCS Miami 2013 at only 13 years old, becoming the first player in the TCG to top one with Fire Fist. Throughout the years to come, he became a considerably reputable duelist – perhaps most notable for his elongated topping streak in 2015 whilst piloting Nekroz. Today, he boasts a total of 9 ARG and YCS tops.
  • YCS Miami 2013: Top 8 / Fire Fist
  • ARG Washington DC 2014: Top 16 / HAT
  • NAWCQ 2015: Top 32 / Nekroz
  • ARG Charlotte 2015: Top 8 / Nekroz
  • ARG 25k 2015: 3rd Place / Nekroz
  • YCS Dallas 2015: Top 32 / Norden Nekroz
  • ARG Anaheim 2016: Top 16 / Peformage Pendulum
  • ARG 20k 2016: Top 32 / Extra Deck Monarchs
  • ARG Richmond 2017: Top 16 / Draco Zoo
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Calvin Tahan
Perhaps best known for his domination across several formats with Burning Abyss throughout its tenure in the meta, Calvin Tahan first splashed into the competitive scene in 2011, topping YCS Charlotte whilst piloting Fish OTK. Since then, he has amassed a total of 19 premiere event tops – participating in three separate tournament grand finals and winning his first championship at ARG Richmond with Super Quantums. Calvin is often noted for his unique take on deck building, frequently utilizing choice cards such as Kuribandit, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, and Supply Squad to redefine the metagame.
  • Charlotte 2011: Top 8 / Fish OTK
  • Atlantic City 2014: Top 8 / Supply Squad BA
  • Raleigh 2014: Top 16 / Artifact Shaddoll
  • Hartford 2015: Top 16 / Preparation Nekroz
  • Richmond 2015: Top 16 / Djinn Nekroz
  • Edison 2015: Top 2 / Bandit BA
  • Charlotte 2015: Top 16 / MathBanditshabyss
  • 25K Philadelphia 2015: Top 8 / SupplyBanditMathBA
  • Richmond 2016: 1st Place Super Quantum
  • Charlotte 2016: Top 8 / Extra Deck Monarch
  • Toronto 2016: Top 16 / Pure Burning Abyss
  • Springfield 2016: Top 16 / Green PK BA
  • Minneapolis 2016: Top 16 / Pk BA
  • Charlotte 2016: Top 16 / ABC Artifact
  • Hartford 2017: Top 16 / ABC Kaiju
  • Atlantic City 2017: Top 2 / Artifact Zoo
  • Richmond 2017: Top 8 / Draco Zoo
  • ARG Atlantic City Winter 2017:Top 8
  • UDS Orlando:Top 4
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Nic Colella
born and raised in Maryland, has been an avid Yugioh lover/player since it’s release. His first instance with Yugioh was watching the show and purchasing a Japanese pack before the English ones came to America. At 15, Nic had his competitive drive fueled by a nearby local card store in which he learned the fundamentals of the game. Wanting more, Nic branched off to find bigger tournaments that year and he won a regional and then topped the national tournament. As Nic got older he was then able to start traveling to events outside of his state in which he found interest in deck such as Shaddolls and Metalfoes which both respectively netted him a 3rd place at ARG’s. Afterwards, Nic became a judge for a year to have a higher understanding of the game and become more involved with the community. Now back to play Nic is looking forward to going to events this year!
  • ARG Richmond 2016:3rd Place / Metalfoes
  • ARG Richmond 2015:3rd Place / Shaddolls
  • NAWCQ 2011:Top 64 / Gravekeepers
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Naveen Shankar
Naveen Shankar has been dueling since elementary school; he continued playing when all his friends quit, and slowly but surely built up an understanding of the game. He earned his first Nationals invite in 2009, then later that year became the first Dragon Duel Champion. At Nationals the following year, Konami broke their policy of not featuring FTK decks, and Naveen was martyred for the good of the community - losing what was then the shortest feature match ever written, and perhaps becoming best known as “that kid who got Frog FTKed.” He bounced back, and in 2013 obtained his first premiere event top, placing in the top 64 at the NAWCQ. Since then, Naveen has accrued 7 additional NAWCQ, YCS, and ARG tops. As always, he is looking to increase that number, first by winning a single round in the top cut of a Konami event, then taking a championship. When there is no major event to prepare for, Naveen fiddles around with any number of awful decks, especially Crystal Beasts, Noble Knights, and Deskbots.
  • NAWCQ 2013:Top 64 /Dragon Ruler
  • ARG Nashville 2014: Top 8 / Karakuri Geargia
  • YCS Philadelphia 2014: Top 32 / Geargia
  • NAWCQ 2015:Top 64 / Nekroz
  • ARG 25k Philly 2015: top 32 / Nekroz
  • YCS Origins Columbus 2016:Top 32 / EDM
  • ARG Providence 2016:3rd Place / Pendulum
  • ARG Atlantic City 2017:Top 16 / Invoked
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