World Championship Forbidden/Limited list

Wonder how the formats will merge now that we have separate lists? It’s simple…
Keep in mind this list is only for the main event and not for any other tournament.


Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks
Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the End
Cyber Jar
Cyber-Stein (Forbidden in the TCG)
Dark Magician of Chaos
Destiny HERO – Disk Commander
Elemental HERO Stratos (Forbidden in the TCG)
Fiber Jar
Fishborg Blaster
Glow-Up Bulb
Lightning, Dragon Ruler of Drafts
Makyura the Destructor
Magician of Faith (Forbidden in the OCG)
Magical Scientist
Mind Master
Morphing Jar (Forbidden in the TCG)
Morphing Jar #2 (Forbidden in the TCG)
Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles
Rescue Cat
Sinister Serpent
Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets
Tribe-Infecting Virus
Victory Dragon
Wind-Up Hunter (Forbidden in the OCG)
Witch of the Black Forest
Thousand-Eyes Restrict
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Dark Strike Fighter (Forbidden in the TCG)
Goyo Guardian (Forbidden in the OCG)
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Number 16: Shock Master (Forbidden in the TCG)
Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity (Forbidden in the TCG)

Brain Control
Butterfly Dagger – Elma
Card Destruction (Forbidden in the TCG)
Card of Safe Return
Change of Heart
Cold Wave
Dragon Ravine (Forbidden in the TCG)
Delinquent Duo
Dimension Fusion
Future Fusion
Gateway of the Six (Forbidden in the TCG)
Graceful Charity
Giant Trunade
Harpie’s Feather Duster
Heavy Storm (Forbidden in the TCG)
Last Will
Mass Driver
Mirage of Nightmare
Monster Reborn (Forbidden in the TCG)
Painful Choice
Pot of Avarice (Forbidden in the TCG)
Pot of Greed
Premature Burial
Snatch Steal
Spellbook of Judgment
Super Rejuvenation
Temple of Kings
The Forceful Sentry

Crush Card Virus
Exchange of Spirit
Imperial Order
Last Turn
Return from the Different Dimension
Ring of Destruction
Royal Oppression
Self-Destruct Button (Forbidden in the TCG, Special Rule in the OCG)
Sixth Sense
Solemn Judgment (Forbidden in the TCG)
Time Seal
Trap Dustshoot
Ultimate Offering


Left Arm of the Forbidden One
Left Leg of the Forbidden One
Right Arm of the Forbidden One
Right Leg of the Forbidden One
Armageddon Knight (Limited in the OCG)
Artifact Moralltach (Limited in the OCG)
Atlantean Dragoons
Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind
Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Rooster (Limited in the OCG)
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Spirit (Limited in the TCG)
Coach Soldier Wolfbark (Limited in the TCG)
Dark Armed Dragon (Limited in the TCG)
Debris Dragon (Limited in the TCG)
Deep Sea Diva (Limited in the TCG)
Evigishki Gustraken
Evigishki Mind Augus (Limited in the TCG)
Exodia the Forbidden One
Genex Ally Birdman
Gladiator Beast Bestiari (Limited in the TCG)
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness (Limited in the TCG)
Honest (Limited in the TCG)
Inzektor Dragonfly
Inzektor Hornet
Mermail Abyssgunde
Mermail Abyssteus (Limited in the OCG)
Necroface (Limited in the OCG)
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
Night Assailant
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders
Rescue Rabbit (Limited in the TCG)
Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms
Thunder King Rai-Oh (Limited in the TCG)
Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls
Wind-Up Magician
Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier (Limited in the TCG)
Formula Synchron (Limited in the OCG)
Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En (Limited in the TCG)
T.G. Hyper Librarian
Number 11: Big Eye (Limited in the OCG)

Allure of Darkness
Book of Moon
Burial from the Different Dimension
Charge of the Light Brigade
Dark Hole
Dimensional Fissure
Divine Wind of Mist Valley
Dragon Shrine (Limited in the OCG)
Final Countdown (Limited in the TCG)
Foolish Burial
Gold Sarcophagus
Infernity Launcher
Limiter Removal
Mind Control
Monster Gate
One Day of Peace
One for One
Primal Seed
Reinforcement of the Army
Rekindling (Limited in the TCG)
Royal Tribute (Limited in the TCG)
Sacred Sword of Seven Stars (Limited in the TCG)
Spellbook of Fate (Limited in the TCG)

Bottomless Trap Hole (Limited in the TCG)
Compulsory Evacuation Device (Limited in the TCG)
Eradicator Epidemic Virus (Limited in the TCG)
Geargiagear (Limited in the TCG)
Infernity Barrier (Limited in the TCG)
Macro Cosmos (Limited in the TCG)
Magical Explosion
Needlebug Nest
Soul Drain
Solemn Warning
The Transmigration Prophecy
Torrential Tribute (Limited in the TCG)
Wall of Revealing Light


Archlord Kristya (Semi-Limited in the OCG)
Card Trooper
Chaos Sorcerer (Semi-Limited in the TCG)
Destiny HERO – Malicious
Elemental HERO Bubbleman
Lonefire Blossom
Mezuki (Semi-Limited in the OCG)
Summoner Monk
T.G. Striker
Reborn Tengu
Wind-Up Shark (Semi-Limited in the OCG)
Evilswarm Ophion (Semi-Limited in the OCG)

A Hero Lives (Semi-Limited in the OCG)
Advanced Ritual Art
Chain Strike
Hieratic Seal of Convocation
Magical Stone Excavation (Semi-Limited in the OCG)
Reasoning (Semi-Limited in the TCG)
Ojama Trio

Special Cards that are forbidden:

Shueisha cards:
Meklord Emperor Mechanikle
Snow Plow Hustle Rustle
Night Express Knight
Special Schedule
Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Evening Twilight
Infernity General
Archfiend Commander
Meklord Emperor Grannel
Yu-Jo Friendship
Judgment of the Pharaoh
Shooting Quasar Dragon
Hot Red Dragon Archfiend
Blood Mefist
Stardust Spark Dragon
Vulcan the Divine
Blackwing – Damascus the Polar Knight
Number 22: Zombistein
Number 72: Shogi Rook
Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry
Kachi Kochi Dragon
Number 106: Giant Hand
Number 47: Nightmare Shark

Special Rule cards:
Emergency Provisions
Mystic Wok
Rainbow life

Cards that other parts of the world lack like TCG/Japan/Korean premieres, as well as DUEA and NECH cards are not allowed either.

冰魄0长虹 @ Yu-Gi-Oh! Baidu Tieba.

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  • Aqua19858 .

    “Mermail Abyssturge (Limited in the TCG)”


    • MeteorD

      Right below it Necroface is listed as “Limited in the TOG”, so he might’ve just messed up that part.

      • ness

        I always mix up Turge with Teus as the “T” mermail =/

        My bad.

  • Gaspar

    Meklord Astro Mekanikle is not allowed?
    Insert zetsubou-related comment here.

  • DexVandar

    It’s going to be damn interesting to see what decks come out of Japan, since they can’t use the new HERO stuff, Shaddolls, or comfy chair and magic stick.

    • Lord Invishil

      His Majesty Divine Lawn Chair will send regards.

    • Emmanuel Lora

      Yup. No stratos, reborn, heavy, 3 compulsory, 3 torrential, 3 t-king, shock master, and the list goes on… Damn that affects their deck significantly.

      • Aiyush

        OCG has always been more broken than TCG. It’s evident now that the list is combined you can see how much more TCG overpowers the list than OCG.

    • Aiyush

      Exactly, if I played IRL, I would have wanted to compete. No Shaddolls, Tellarknight, Masked Heroes, Qliphoth, Yang Zing. HAT, Mermail, and Fire fist hit by list. Not much to worry about except maybe Evilswarm, Madolche, Sylvans. I wish I could have particpated with my TG deck.

  • MeteorD



    • ryus

      shut up meteord

      • Dreadkaiser


        • Guest


          • Janson D. Kate

            That >

          • CJ Lancaster

            *Cough* Canada ftw. Infernitys 4ever.

  • SnorlaxMonster

    What does “Special Rule cards” mean? Is that a subsection of “Special Cards that are forbidden”? Are there special restrictions on how you use them/which other cards you can also include?

    • ness

      There are two batches of cards that are available worldwide and are forbidden: One is the Shueisha card set, and the other are the Life Point gain cards that are gone because of the special rule that was set in Japanese WCQ equivalent that forbid Self-Destruct Button (coincidence with the TCG), and Rainbow Life.

      • James Smith

        Why are the cards from ZEXAL WDC 3DS game forbidden? It doesn’t make much sense

        • SnorlaxMonster

          They weren’t released in the US, only Europe. I haven’t checked every single one, but it looks like all of the cards on the Shueisha list have not been released in one of either Europe or the US.

          • ness

            Tournament prize cards (Mefist and the like) have been distributed all over the TCG.

          • SnorlaxMonster

            Well, all over the TCG in English. Not sure it’s really fair to call that all over the TCG. Ignoring Spanish and Portuguese, these look like all of the cards that are missing a release in one of the TCG languages or regions.

          • Dreadkaiser

            I wouldn’t really say distributed…………

        • ness

          Distribution issues. It’s not out in the Americas until September.

          • Dreadkaiser

            not that wer get the promos for it anyway

          • SnorlaxMonster

            Since they’re only getting a digital release in the Americas, they won’t get those cards then anyway.

  • Febryansyah Aminullah Lubis

    nice, let’s see what will win the worlds…

  • Thomas Glavan

    Solo what’s playable exodia prophecy and infernitty wow sounds dumb … Oh and then ther is sylvans I guess that’s okay

    • PotatoBob

      I mean LS Ruler are still real, Gears aren’t proven dead yet, there’s Puddingfucks, Infernity, Zielgigas turbo if you wanna push it… So LS Ruler, possibly gears, and a couple other potential things.

      • Dreadkaiser

        Puddingfucks refering to madolches i assume?
        I always called then Pancake bitches

      • Emmanuel Lora

        Puddingfucks LMAOOOO that totally defines them. Thats their new name for me. Thanks lol

    • CJ Lancaster

      Called the winning deck btw, grats.

  • Dono

    Moraltach limited hurts Hat decks

    • Dreadkaiser

      good, dont like them

    • Noir

      I don’t like any Deck using Artifacts, so Moraltach can burn in Hell for all I care.

      • Jordan Miles-Ochoa


  • Mark Liu

    Hmmm … this is interesting.

  • auxag

    Chain Burn to win worlds

  • Bisrat Teklu

    So many “- in the TCG” lol

    • Dreadkaiser

      44 by my count………….
      20 OCG for reference

      • John Diamond

        actually. if this was the actual banlist, i’d be sorta happy with it.
        and besides, the TCG list is da best list

  • Dreadkaiser

    No Quasar, spark……well we aint seeing any synchro deck this year
    Does Europe not get the manga volume promos?

    • Emmanouel Kandianopoulos

      Nope, we don’t :(

  • TFHG

    So what can actually be played under this?

    • Dreadkaiser

      Basically everything that has been topping OCG tournies not named seraphs…………and whatever is in the TCG that isnt exclusive

      • TFHG

        DUEA and Hero’s Strike aren’t legal, so no.

        I guess Bujins and Infernities might have a chance. Hand Traptrix, maybe. But that’s it.

        • Dreadkaiser

          right, forgot about HEROS, how the hell did i do that

    • Des Knight

      Lightsworn ^^

  • Maciej Krasowski

    why infernity general ?he is to weak to play

    • Dreadkaiser

      Cards that are not mass released in all regions are not allowed

  • tnacrimson

    see tcg has the best chance to win worlds cuz this list is favored in the tcg side and in the ocg they only have 4 decks that are played none of which are viable in the tcg

    • lordTyranus

      Brah infernity say hi

  • joshuasbrooks

    Right so Dragons aren’t really an option, neither is H.A.T., Pure Geargia just isn’t the same (Could see Karakuri variant though), Mermail are pretty much unplayable, Fire Fist still are only have 1 wolfbark and because of this only 1 Spirit and Leopard. So it looks to me like the decks to beat are Lightsworn Rulers, Sylvan, Infernity, Evilswarm isn’t a bad option, Harpies if you’re feeling crazy, Exodia or Burn (someone will), Spellbooks/Prophecy, Madolche are looking good, Bujin are fine and so are some rogue decks like Koa’ki Meiru, Inzektor, Evol, Frogs, Monarchs, Gravekeepers and Fire Kings.

  • lordTyranus

    List is amazing as fuck

  • Eaa Aguila

    This should be THE LIST. Not the idiotic thing of making 2 diff lists.

    It’s insane to play here in the TCG with a princess list

  • Dancing Fairy Wins Games

    Dancing fairy Deck go agents.

  • Ihsan Nursyah

    yeh lightsworn is taking worlds (gheyyyy)

  • Kendall Haight

    Is Trishula not on this list? That’s crazy

    • ffffffffffff

      trishula is under goyo in the forbidden list.f

  • jackofblades909

    What the hell is a special rule card?


      is a card that is not entirelly forbidden, it has a special rule that allows its use if it is respected.
      Like Self-Destruction Button:
      This card is the one that depends on your deck:
      Ex: if the Head judge check your decklist and by the cards listed on it, it became obvious that you have only the intention of causing draws, you cant use the card.

  • Noir

    Y is Granel banned?

  • Zephyr_CR

    lel, Mermails and HAT unplayable at worlds.

  • Aiyush

    Wow, what a great list. I wish we could have this as the official list.

  • tnacrimson

    you forgot a card black whirlwind is at 2

  • Aiyush

    What do the special rule cards mean? What are the rules? Are they banned? I’m confused because there are is a heading of “special cards that are forbidden” and then “special rule cards”.

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