[TCG] Realm of Light Structure Deck

With this news comes an official English name for the “Lightsworn” Synchro Monster, and a World-Premiere Spell Card.

The name is officially confirmed as “Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn”. There will be a new Spell Card included called “Lightsworn Sanctuary”, a card that supposedly addresses a “vulnerability of Lightsworn Decks”.

The Structure Deck will include 2 Ultra Rares, 2 Super Rares, and 37 Commons.

However, there will only be 2 “Lightsworn” Tuner monsters included, meaning only 2 of the following UNOFFICIALLY-named cards will be included in this product:

  • Raiden, Lightsworn Assailant
  • Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden
  • Felice, Lightsworn Archer

It is most likely “Felice” will not be included, as that card was released as a V Jump promo, while the other 2 monsters were released in a different OCG product.

Source: http://deviramericas.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Realm-of-Light-SD-LA-89829.pdf

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  • Alec Smith

    Fine Konami, I’ll play Yugioh again if it means I can run LS 😛

  • ライトロード

    Felice will probably be an insert in PRIO or gold.

  • Jorge Luis Gonzalez

    What is there a reprint of Jugdment Dragon? O.O

    • CSSA

      (Konami) : We understand that the Realm of Light Structure deck will be one of the most anticipated releases in Yugioh history!! That’s why we decided to reprint the Highly Powerful Judgment Dragon, which you can only obtain in the new Premium Gold Booster Set for only 15.99!!!!

      • ライトロード

        Marketing at it’s finest.

        • don()shinobi

          Except any intelligent player would get the common from the 2nd Mega Pack for 50 cents instead of paying $16 to hope you get a JD in that 90-card set.

          • ライトロード

            Logic tends to be overshadowed by rarity whore tendencies.

          • don()shinobi

            Which is fine. Just know I’m paying a mere fraction of what you paid for it. :3

          • monarchthelegend

            i’m with ya

          • Randy Houtarou

            Yuuuuup xD

      • monarchthelegend

        fuck that, i’ll get common from ra yellow

        • Jake

          JD is obviously going to be in this deck it would be retarted if it isnt i mean what kind of lightsworn deck doesnt have JD in it. So dont worry about getting the 50 cent ones its almost guaranteed to be in the deck

          • iBlackula

            It should be in the deck, but due this deck being centered around Michael idk. I just wish this set would give us a super Lyla but I doubt it. 😛

  • http://pavelkouril.cz/ Pavel Kouřil

    Or they will make Raiden an ScR in PRIO or Duelist Advent… >_>

    Because he is the most splashable to other decks.

    • ライトロード

      Let’s hope not.

  • Jordan Maurice Farley

    we need raiden and felice in the deck

  • jTiKey

    LS have vulnerabilities?… 3 JD gg

    • ライトロード

      Milling out and cards like Skill Drain.

      • jTiKey

        i would say LS with the OCG cards is the best deck in YGOPro. If you don’t win in the first turns before the opponents fills the graveyard – you are doomed.
        Most likely, the spell will be a pot of avarice LS edition.

        • ライトロード

          Michael already does that. The card is called Lightsworn Sanctuary. The word sanctuary implies a continuous protection/negation effect.

          • Chaos Pancake

            My guess is a Continuous or Field Spell that activates when milled and shuts down Macro Cosmos, Soul Drain and Light-Imprisoning Mirror.

          • Jean Anouilh

            I’m thinking of a LS Necrovalley, that would bring Lightsworns back to championship level.

          • Tach

            LS Necrovalley? How do you mean?

          • Jean Anouilh

            Well, like in their counterpart of Necrovalley, being the one thing that GK ALWAYS rely on. For example: LS effects can’t be negated, only LS monsters can activate from grave, etc.

          • Blake Huynh

            Would be badass if it’s a Sylvan based effect, like if you milled a LS by a card effect, you’d do something like destroy a card on the field, or gain counters equal to the milled’s total level and use them for negation

          • Carlos Rivera

            I can see it being activated on mill and i could definitely see it being a feild spell on account of all the new feild spells.

        • Chaos Pancake

          Best Deck in Yugioh post PRIO is Madolches. Mew+Angelly is a + 5 combo that researches itself. That is Inzektor Level power.

          • jTiKey

            It relies on the normal summon, while LS don’t. Surely Madolches can otk in the first turns, while LS are unwinable after few mills.

        • halberdiers

          You guys dunno what ure talking about. Best OCG deck now is OOParts or better known as chronomaly with artifact support. The top few decks in OCG are currently OOParts/artifacts, pure artifacts or galaxy/artifacts. Lightsworns doesn’t even come close to being top any time soon

        • monarchthelegend

          OCG is different from the TCG. If sanctuary is that broken then lightsworns can dominate

      • Will Caster

        I fail to understand why LS decks would even play cards like skill drain or such. As it stands now, they can normally undo most things deck worries about. Never mind the new stuff

        • ライトロード

          It doesn’t. I said Skill Drain makes LS vulnerable.

          • Will Caster

            That’s like a good majority of the main decks in our format.

          • ライトロード

            Pretty much, yeah.

    • Tou

      maybe a recycle effect like ark-michael with an additional cannot be targeted type of effect…

  • DisneyLM

    I get the feeling that Felice won’t be included. Seeing as it’s the most recent of the Lightsworn Tuners, and well…It’s the 2nd Level 4 Lightsworn Tuner…so…Konami wouldn’t dismiss adding the level 3 light sworn tuner in the structure deck.

  • ElDonKwan93

    Solar Recharge

  • Tamaru

    More degenerate deck support, wonderful.

  • DK

    Would have preferred something completely new

  • Tou

    I bet lightsworn sanctuary is a field spell.

  • Kenyon Bollinger

    Incoming JD hate.

  • jake

    Woooow the only really vulnerability in the lightsworn strategy is the sack factor if this is gonna allow them to correct their top decks or search it would make them even more op than now.

  • Noir

    As long as it has Solar Recharge, it’s a buy for me.

  • monarchthelegend

    When this comes out Yugioh will have the most highest sack record in Yu-Gi-Oh! History

  • Jake

    Great thought: Lightsworns get their own themed Space typhoon? one of the major problems with the deck is stuff like skill drain and you cant always rely on lyla/ ryko plus you always seem to mill your msts/ royal decrees so having a themed MST that has an additional effect when its milled would be good!

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