[OCG] Reiji’s Three Lords

The effects of Temujin and Alexander have been revealed for the OCG!

DDD Rekkaou Temujin
Level 6 FIRE Fiend-Type Fusion Effect Monster
ATK 2000
DEF 1500
2 “DD” monsters
If another “DD” monster(s) is Special Summoned: You can target 1 “DD” monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target. You can only use this effect of “DDD Rekkaou Temujin” once per turn. If this card is destroyed by your opponent’s card (by battle or card effect): You can target 1 “Keiyakusho” card in your Graveyard; add that card to your hand.

Keiyakusho = previously called Contract Books, we’re more likely to go with Covenant.

DDD Shippuu Alexander
Level 7 WIND Fiend-Type Synchro Effect Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 2000
1 “DD” Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters.
If another “DD” monster(s) is Normal or Special Summoned: You can target 1 Level 4 or lower “DD” monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target. You can only use the effect of “DDD Shippuuou Alexander” once per turn.

DDD Dotou Caesar
(This basically says everything about him will be revealed in V Jump this month.)


NeoArkadia is the Number 2 in the Organization, and a mystery.

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    By your powers combined… I AM CAPTAIN REIJI!

    • Discord-Drocsid

      but does he have a heart?

      • Dreadkaiser

        seems to be missing Earth too


          It is the year 21XX, constant deforestation and the huge industry to produce cards for a children’s game and has resulted in an overload of greenhouse gases that have ruined Earth as we know it.

          • Dreadkaiser


          • Ciphermask

            Eh, at least we have card games.

          • Jeaus

            He thought the world was saved after he heard that Twinkies came back.

          • Dreadkaiser

            for a sec, i thought your name was Jesus

          • Yugito .

            You mean the protection grid that is a size of a twinkie?

          • Kevin Chung Lin

            Bahaha that was a good one XD


        When you’re raging, a heart only slows you down.

      • jack

        hes clearly the heart-cause you got to have the heart of the cards- had to be said

  • Dreadkaiser

    I. Want

    • James Smith

      And Gagaga Sister, and BB Nova Caesar and the list goes on

      • Luke

        Not really holding over out heads when its more likely than not that they have a specific product type in mind to release them.

      • Aston Dowdy

        Don’t forget Nebra Disk and that level 1 galaxy monster

        • Luke

          So, is it really difficult to think that they may have a specific product, similar to the OCG Extra packs, in mind to release cards that they get exclusively, like ours in their EP, instead of just putting them in any old one?

      • Owen Bell

        Chronomaly Nebra Disk says hi.

  • Dono

    These look amazing. GIMMIE!!! Can’t wait to try these out

    • Dreadkaiser

      Get in line

  • JunkStarDuelist1993 .

    I find it hilarious that yusei could summon this guys synchro *yusei ran the tuner DD sprite*

    • Regiruler

      Wrong DD. That was D.D. Sprite.

      • uallandme

        remember people, this archtype is DD also known as Different Dimension (or Different Dimension Demon for DDD) not to be confused with D.D. which is also known as Different. Dimension. … is it just me or is there a little confusion here.

        • Yugito .

          this is exactly what I mean by poor choice of name.

        • Adam Phillips

          here comes another name change just like Sky Scout.

          • Luke

            Not really, they’ll just release these so that they’re easily distinguishable from D.D.

          • Adam Phillips

            how when they clearly said in the anime that DD is Different Dimension and DDD is Different Dimension Demon

          • uallandme

            the cards are quite easily distinguishable in the OCG, in the OCG the monsters arn’t called D.D. they have kanji (something like 異次元の which google translate says is of the different dimension) whiles the DD and DDD monsters just have the acronym DD/DDD.

          • Luke

            Well, assailant, crow and destroyer do exist. And as far as I can tell, someone who understands the language feel free to correct me on this, but they also use the ‘Di Di’ that the DD monsters use.

          • uallandme

            o god… there the same archtype… why are they called D.D and 異次元の, yes there called Di Di, just adding more fuel to the fire, D.D. DD and Di Di…

          • PotatoBob

            Though, Crow etc are Di Di and DD are DiDi

            It’s just a space, but it is a difference.

          • Adam Phillips

            yeah, in the OCG. i’m talking about the TCG when they’ve already been established as Different Dimension Demons and we already have a mistranslated D.D. archetype

  • No. 69

    Now all we need is a ritual DDD monster

    • don()shinobi

      inb4 DD Sophia

  • Bernardes

    Ohhh GOD!!!! PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY!!! i love this DD archetype, i need to put my hands on them

  • Bernardes

    When V jump is comming out?

    • Luke

      21st of the month. Leaks, when they come.

      • Laner Guy

        To add, leaks usually come on the 17th, give or take a day or two depending on when the 17th falls on during each given month. Said leaks come from subscribers who get the magazine in the mail early then its store shelf date.

  • lll

    DDD monsters are incluse in “DD” monsters?

    • Laner Guy

      Yes, “DDD” Monsters also count as “DD” Monsters, just as “XX Saber” is also an “X Saber” Monster.

      • John Diamond

        aren’t they D.D, not DD

        • Laner Guy

          “D.D.” and “DD” are different things. They both mean the same thing, “Different Dimension”, but one is meant to denote an Archetype (“DD”) and the other isn’t (“D.D.”).

          • Mike

            D.D. Means ijigen not Different Dimension. I mean ijigen literally means Different Dimension but it isn’t the English words “Different Dimension” you know what I mean?

          • Jeaus

            Sora literally said in the show, in ENGLISH mind you, Different Dimension.

          • PotatoBob

            But that’s not what the text means.

            D.D. =/= DD

            DD is new, D.D. is different, even though thy mean the same.

          • Jeaus

            Sorry, I actually couldn’t see the periods on my computer when I made that post. So yeah, totally redundant. My point that is. So yeah… that D.D. or DD thing just got more confusing for people without glasses.

          • Mike

            Yes I know, that’s the point I was making. DD is Different Dimension (IN ENGLISH) D.D is ijigen.

          • Mike

            I was just explaining the difference between D.D and DD

          • Mike

            You just perfectly described the difference between DD and D.D. DD is Different Dimension IN ENGLISH MIND YOU and D.D is ijigen IN JAPANESE MIND YOU.

          • Jeaus

            …Y’know, I’ve already put that down there I didn’t see the periods in D.D. that you posted at the time of that comment. Also I haven’t commented on anything else after that one. I’ve already said it was my bad.

          • Mike

            The period matters.

  • Adam Phillips

    FIRE Fusion – Temujin

    WIND Synchro – Alexander
    WATER Xyz – Caesar
    DARK Pendulum – Armageddon

    EARTH Ritual maybe? He did master every form of summoning supposedly and the next Booster SP is going to have ritual monsters in it, so…..EARTH Ritual DDD monster? There wouldn’t be a LIGHT DDD monster because 1. all the types of summons have been taken and 2. DDD stands for Different Dimension Demon, and since they do not look like fallen angels in any way shape or form, I doubt any of them would ever be light attribute.

    • Pine

      and a light pendulum. lawl.

      • Adam Phillips

        why would a fiend archetype that looks like actual fiends and not fallen angel like the Fableds have a LIGHT Pendulum DDD when they already have a Pendulum DDD and his DDD monsters are all different monster types? (Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum, and Effect for the manga DDD)

  • Raiko

    I think this will be my new favorite type of deck. Can’t wait to run all these dudes.

  • Bisrat Teklu

    Alexander looks awesome, to bad he doesn’t have a secondary effect

    • Dreadkaiser

      not that he needs one with an effect like that

      • Bisrat Teklu

        True but would a covenant recovery when being destroyed hurt too much?

  • Brandon Mazzola

    Wow… This swarming-style shit is right up my alley. Can’t wait to start running these guys.

  • Gaspar

    Looking good so far.

    DeeDee Tuner, huh. Does that mean I can finally get a 1-card Dark Highlander?

    • don()shinobi

      You already have one. Puppet Master.
      Don’t care if it “needs to be good”. It’s a 1-card Dark Highlander.

      • Gaspar

        Taking into account it costs me a monster previously on the field, plus 2000 LP, plus I need Graveyard set-up…

        Oh well. It is not like anyone here is desperate to shot me down or anything.

  • Naz Zuki

    This three evils is so powerfull!

  • Gaspar

    I like how you can trigger the summoning effects of the Fusion and Synchro by Pendulum Summoning.

  • Core Shield

    I like their artwork.

  • Yugito .

    Wait a minute. I think the reason why they named this archtype DD and DDD in Japanese name existed is because they never named D.D. in japanese in that manner. Only TCG used D.D. for Different Dimension archtype. Most than likely TCG will name this archtype differently other than DD and DDD.

    • Dreadkaiser

      well yeah. also worth noting, it has been stated that the DD means Diferent Dimension in-universe. by Sora more specifically

      • Yugito .

        who is Sora?

        • Janson D. Kate

          Arc-V character, cause thats the series these cards are from.

          • Dreadkaiser

            More specifically, he is the one that uses the Furanimals and des-toys

          • Noir

            And is a bit androgynous. A few people I’ve ran into thought he was a girl…

          • Bisrat Teklu

            Plenty of ppl thought that when the first image of him came out

          • Noir

            Even I thought that. Mind you, I’ve seen enough Traps to tell them apart from little girls…

          • Bisrat Teklu

            Stay strong, friend….stay strong

          • Yugito .

            Oh, that sora. I thought you guys meant sora from outside arc-v.

            Wait, so they ARE different dimension. Why name them differently in Japanese since japanese D.D. existed already?

          • Mike

            Ijigen and Different Dimension look different in japan that’s why. To Americans there is no difference between “Different Dimension” and “Different Dimension” but in japan there’s a huge difference between “Ijigen” (D.D.) and “Different Dimension” (DD)

          • Yugito .

            ………………… This is definately gonna be a freaken mess in TCG naming.

          • Mike

            They might just change the TCG names.

          • Yugito .

            They pretty much have to clean up the whole entire collection of cards the way we see it lately. I still remember harpie brother’s name been slained completely into something else.

          • Mike

            Well they can just be clear like “If another “DD” monster(s) is Special Summoned: You can target 1 “DD” monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target. “D.D.” monster(s) do not activate this effect, you cannot target “D.D.” monsters with this effect.” Or something.

          • Yugito .

            And there’s another case. Even if D.D. did not exist they can’t simply name DDD in TCG either given the nature of how TCG name other fiend monsters.

    • Luke

      Except for things like crow

    • Dono

      I believed in the show the guy that uses them called it Different Dimension Daemon

  • Owen Bell

    Cool. A yugioh monster based on Genghis Khan. Alexander has been seen in the form of Gladiator Beast Alexander, and Caesar was actually Gladiator Beast Gyzarus. Genghis Khan (which means “the chief of all men”) has to be one of my favourite historical figures of all time (no pun intended).

    • Chigasumi

      We need another DDD monster (Ritual one?) based from historical figures/conqueror. DDD Nobunaga would be cool.

  • Blando912

    I reaaaally like the art :p Cant wait for those Covenant cards.

  • Chon Pak

    My dream of a deck that employs all of the Summoning techniques is coming true…

    Now Ritual…please show yourself.

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