[OCG] Contrast HERO Chaos’ Effect

A commercial gives us a glimpse at the HERO Structure’s Cover Card.

Edit: Full Stats and Effect Confirmed

Contrast HERO Chaos
Level 9 DARK Warrior-Type Fusion Effect Monster
3000 ATK
2600 DEF
2 “Masked HERO” monsters
(This card is also treated as an “Elemental HERO” card.)
Must be Fusion Summoned and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways.
(1) While face-up in a Monster Zone, this card is also LIGHT-Attribute.
(2) Once per turn, during either player’s turn: You can target 1 card on the field; negate that card’s effect until the end of the turn.



Number 17 of the YGOrg. I'll write articles on various themes that catch my interest and help out in the newsroom as necessary. I always try to post the best builds I can, or at least ones that I enjoy a lot. That being siad, I'm an amateur writer and duelist, so I'm always open to constructive criticism. Please do share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to check all article urls and tags!

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  • Zkaiser

    That’s nice. Won’t fall to 101 and causes heavy disruption.

  • Gaspar

    That summoning requirement is ugly even if it is only 1 Masked HERO…

    The effect is cute though.

    • Tsuna

      Beats being a Masked HERO. MCS would have to be limited out of the gates if a Dark deck could shit this guy out for next to nothing.

      • Gaspar

        You say it as if releasing more good stuff for the already-dominant Deck had never happened before.

        But whatever…

        • Tsuna

          True nuff. Regardless if it happens or not, stupid shit like that is best avoided to at least try and make it look like they are profit listing us over a barrel instead of actually providing real meta control.

    • ZekeTheBandicoot

      That’s why they added the elemental hero clause so you can use stuff like Miracle Fusion and Parallel World Fusion.

      • Gaspar

        The full text was not readable at the time. Now I see that. A good move on their part, as it is not overly easy to summon in the first place.

  • XrosM

    Works with honest then!

  • http://kyranmagic.wordpress.com/ Kyranthewalker

    Negate any card? If that isn’t a mistake then this card is more powerful than it seems at first glance. Ability to turn off continuous spell/traps is an interesting prospect.

    • Yugito .

      this completely solves the wall problem too against monsters like beelze.

      • Noir

        Negate Beelze, then ram into him with this guy and Honest.

  • Dreadkaiser

    oooooooo, i like

    • MeteorR2D2

      Until you remember that Breakthrough Skill is one of the most important cards in the game right now.

      • Yugito .

        And let’s not forget our favorite level one female that can negate a monster’s effect by discarding itself from hand, which most duelists still play.

        • Alfie Adams

          Effect Veilers a guy, believe it or not

        • John Diamond

          then again, i suppose it’s good enough to negate spell and trap cards, unlike those two

        • PotatoBob

          Only idiots main Veiler atm, so idk where you get “which most duelists play”.

        • Dreadkaiser

          Veiler can also only do that in opponent main phase, 101, 11, and exciton knight do not activate then

          • Tsuna

            Uh. Did you think before posting. ARK’s primary effect activates in the Main Phase. Big Eye’s effect activates in the Main Phase. Exciton Knight activates in the Main Phase (Veiler vulnerable timing) and Opponent’s Battle Phase.

            Veiler does take a dump on all three of those cards.

          • Dreadkaiser

            The Contrast HERO effect
            i was refering to veiler not stopping Chaos from stopping them since THEY go off during the wrong turns main phase

          • Tsuna

            Contrast’s second effect is a Quick Effect, so it actually does stop them cold. You can either chain to their activation for max damage, or preemptively use the effect to stop them before they attempt to activate.

          • Dreadkaiser

            Yeah, thats what i said up all the way at teh root comment

          • Dreadkaiser

            yeah (note the root comment to all of this), and i was saying that veiler can’t touch contrast when he is trying to respond to ARK or big eye because they activate in the players main phase, not opponents

          • Tsuna

            And consider that a cleared up bit of confusion.

          • Yugito .

            I always miss the Veiler’s specific phase and turn part.

          • Dreadkaiser

            I do to, its why i stopped running it, i kept fucking up and essentially revealed i have it for nothing

    • Freddy L. Paredes

      Negate Dark Hole…
      Negate MST…
      Negate Shadoll Fusion…

      • uallandme .

        but still doesn’t deal with Number 86, i don’t think anything will though

        • Tach

          I’m sure eventually we’ll get something that removes a monster from the opponent’s side of the field as a cost…for something that doesn’t summon anything and uh…I really hope nothing gets released that can deal with Number 86.

          • ZekeTheBandicoot

            Volcanic Queen, Lava Golem, and Santa Claws. Are the only cards that can deal with 86.

          • Tach

            Only if it’s down to 3 or fewer materials.

          • theamatuer

            Nope, because they tribute as a cost, so 86 doesn’t dodge it

          • Tach

            Given how Lava Golem interacts with other cards that stop people special summoning…nope. You can’t even try to tribute him off while he has that effect.

          • Dreadkaiser

            I am suprised no one mentioned just using solemn warning……………

          • Tach

            “uallandme . Tach • 13 hours ago
            i almost completely forgot but stuff that stops 86 of ever hitting the board (warning, horn) are the only realistic ways of stopping it”

            I know Warning/Horn/Rai-Oh can stop it hitting the field, but if you don’t have those when it comes out (Warning and Rai-Oh are at 1, so…not that unlikely), you’re generally in for a couple of turns of not being allowed to play.

          • Dreadkaiser

            Beelze, if its on the field first 86 can’t do shit to it

          • Earl Biff

            If you’re playing a deck that can get out 86, Beelze wouldn’t be that big of a problem anyway…

          • Dreadkaiser

            I think getting a Beelze out can be done faster then a 5 mat xyzs, it needs atleast 3 to be a threat really
            Especially if the beelze user can just go first and do so.

          • Earl Biff

            No I mean if they can get out a 5 material rank 4 they could just as easily go into 101 or something, probably just as fast and with slight more ease.

          • Dreadkaiser

            Yeah he can ARK it, and that’s not 86 being unstoppable though, so whats your point?

            My Point is, Beelze stops 86 dead. the fact that other things can kill Beelze doesn’t really change that. yes he can have a ARK with 86, the Beelze user can also have a breakthrough down or a veiler and then Beelze laughs at both of them.

            also, you can simply summon it in defense to make it ARK proof too, then only an idiot would actually summon 86 as it would amount to Jack shit. unless they can drop ARK and ….papilorperative…….soo much effort going around beelze you may as well not bother with 86 actually

          • Earl Biff

            That last part is my point, if you have beelze out they’re just going to go into 101 or skyblaster to get rid of it. Beelze doesn’t really stop 86, it just makes it pointless to go into 86, so no duelist worth their salt would do that.

          • uallandme .

            i almost completely forgot but stuff that stops 86 of ever hitting the board (warning, horn) are the only realistic ways of stopping it

          • Tach

            Technically Skill Drain (but only if it’s out before 86, because otherwise he’s immune) could work too.

          • Dreadkaiser

            I love how everyone always assumes it will have 5 mats and no stalls are up

            Immune to card effects doesn’t stop things that disallow your battlephase or disallow attacks without touching him works. or waboku, etc.

        • Kankurou

          Stall deals with Number 86. Just survive a few turns and Number 86 will reduce itself to a 1500-ATK vanilla.

        • Dreadkaiser

          Beelze on field first, 86 can do nothing

    • Gaspar

      How are you summoning this guy if Necrovalley is on the field?

      • Tach

        Polymerization? Or maybe he was on the field before Necrovalley got activated.

        • Yugito .

          dude. don’t forget the awesomeness of Acid.

      • Dreadkaiser

        Poly, Parallel world fusion……any spell that isnt miracle fusion works

        • Gaspar

          I have never seen anyone use Parallel World Fusion.
          And using Polymerization to summon this guy? When the Masked Heroes themselves are already -1s?

          • Dreadkaiser

            You asked how else to summon him, Like i said, Miracle Fusion is not the only fusion spell that exists, and not everyone plays min-max’d competitive

          • Gaspar

            I do not like how everyone always assumes I play competitively and then lash out at me when I say anything.

          • Dreadkaiser

            I am not lashing out
            and if this is not the first time someone has done so, i mention it because you mentioned “-1s”

            whenever anyone brings up pluses or negs, thats where i find they take the game too srsly

          • Gaspar

            Find whatever you want.

          • James Hayes-Barber

            Superpoly as well

  • Atmosk

    I wonder if this can be chained to the activation of a trap to negate its effect

    • Gaspar

      If it can be activated during either player’s turn and it can target any face-up card, it has to be Spell Speed 2 and, by extension, a Quick Effect that can be activated in response to other effects.
      If Number 22: Zombiestein is anything to go by, you CAN target a Spell or Trap that would not be on the field after resolving and it would be negated.

  • Yuya
    • Omnikaiser


    • KaiYamato

      Hard to summon but it have a very good card effect itself. Me like.

  • Ciphermask

    And thus Masked HEROes got even better. Gee golly, and I thought Dark Law was great…

  • AliasNorth

    Thank you for Miracle Fusion.

    Oh wait, I hate HEROs. Dammit, Miracle Fusion.

    At least you can chain Gozen Match to Miracle Fusion to help prevent its summon. I also hope that isn’t the official art, it’s ugly. Background is neat, but the monster is just bleck.

    Just a thought, but this should have been treated as a Masked HERO as well as Elemental HERO, if they wanted to really bring all the support together.

    And it sure is nice to see a card so strong that can help fight Shaddolls. Combined with Dark Law, HEROs will definitely be a thing, even ignoring their massive popularity.

  • Se7enSword

    Kamen Rider W? FFF!!

    Now I need to build a Masked Hero deck.

  • Seere LaBlanke

    >BTS on legs

    >That summoning requirement
    not so neat

  • Voltanis The Adjudicator

    So, because it’s treated as an Elemental Hero at all times, rather than just on the field, you are able to use Miracle Fusion/Parallel World Fusion to summon him, yes?

    • RainbowDashley


    • Noir

      Recycle your Masked HEROES after banishing them. It’s badass.

    • uallandme .

      yes, the closest thing to this is cards a mix between twinkle moss and beyond the hope ( both of which are effected by cards that effect that archetype, e.g. rising sun slash) with the only difference being that this effects says it’s ‘also’ whiles Beyond the hope is ‘Always’. strangely this is the only card i can find that is ‘also’ a specific archetype rather than a monster.

  • Noir

    I love this guy. It was well worth the wait in my opinion. Now for Kamikaze, Koga, Mask Charge, and I think 1 other card.

  • don()shinobi

    …um, yeah, this is cool and all, but I think it’s a TAD underwhelming for something that takes 2 uses of a Mask Change card AND something to fuse them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly not bad in any definition of the word…I just don’t really see how it can easily be summoned without using a lot of cards.

    • uallandme .

      miracle fusion makes the summoning conditions a little nicer as you can just banish the masked heros after there done

    • ZekeTheBandicoot

      It’s not a Elemental Hero because the card doesn’t fit the design of of E Heroes.

    • Tach

      Like Zeke said, it’s not an E Hero because the design’s not based on a comic superhero.

      Technically, the design’s based on a Kamen Rider, like the Masked Heroes (well…aside from Dark Law), but…I guess they couldn’t really make it a Masked Hero since it doesn’t match their summoning method.

  • Guest

    So, from what I could see from the CM, among the reprits there’s:
    Winged Kuriboh
    A hero lives (Hero Arrive)
    ALL the H-E-R-O Flash cards
    Hero Blast (not sure on this one)

    • Yugito .

      Really? I can’t see it. Where is this commercial video anyhow?

      • Guest

        You can watch it in niconico, but to see the cards I mentioned… Well, you’ll have to download it and see it FRAME by FRAME at the end. when all the cards get inside the box. They used Judai’s theme btw. Such fanservice

        • Yugito .

          I think I want to cry right now.

  • Yugito .

    And that’s not all. If by any chance this guy were to be taken down, you can use him as fusion material for omni heroes using miracle fusion and perhaps use shining to recycle him as he is also treated as Elemental HERO by any circumstances.

    Oooooooooooor, use Core to revive him too, if his effect allows it.

  • PowerSerg

    I love this card because it makes even more OTKs even easier. You attack with Dian special Shadow Mist, Add mask change summon dark law attack dark law, super poly and attack 3000. If it doesn’t end up being an OTK what ever you can negate effects. Then again sitting on Dark Law is pretty good against a lot of decks too. Also if you are incline to run more than one of this guy at the end of the combo you can use M fusion to make a second one. The card isn’t limited by the cards name so now you get two negates per turn.

  • jake

    Its a good card but its summoning condition is too situational to make it a real threat

    • Yugito .

      not if you make your deck dedicate to summoning a masked hero monsters, which they’re very easy to do.

    • ZekeTheBandicoot

      Getting 2 masked heroes on the board is easy because of shadow mist. You only need 2 cards to get 2 masked heroes on board. You mask change an earth hero into dian run over a monster, special summon shadow mist, add mask change,and use it to get 2 masked heroes.

      • Yugito .

        Plus, who says anything about summoning masked heroes is the only way to get masked hero materials out? I’m sure there are ways to dump a fusion monster from extra deck to grave.

        • Bisrat Teklu

          If only there was a level 5 M-HERO then you could use instant fusion to do that

          • Yugito .

            Can’t. All M-HERO are nomis and they’re not done by fusion summon either.

    • Bisrat Teklu

      It’s a trump card so I think it’s good enough

  • Will Caster

    That’s quite the set up of effects

  • Airel

    Similar to E.Hero Dark Neos, with darker power…

    Shut Up And Take My Money!!!!

  • Discord-Drocsid

    its like a downgrade of LADD

    • Yugito .

      Actually, it’s more of an upgrade.

      -LADD have no control of what to negate and even negates own controller’s but Contrast does.
      -LADD can’t shut down what’s already on the field but Contrast can.
      -LADD loses stats as it negates but Contrast’s stats stays.

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